About Hexa Tradex Hexa Tradex Ltd. is a part of the USD $ 18 billion O.P. Jindal Group, one of the country's topmost industry houses and the foremost indigenous steel producers and exporters.
Ms. Sminu Jindal, Managing Director

Sminu Jindal is the first lady entrant in the country to do her gender proud by breaking the glass ceiling in the Steel, Oil and Gas sector in India. Being appointed as the Managing Director of Hexa Tradex Ltd. a part of the fourth largest industrial house in India the OP Jindal Group, Sminu Jindal’s contribution to the growth of the organization has been phenomenal. An alumnus of Shri Ram College of Commerce, Sminu Jindal went on to pursue MBA from Fore School of Management, with specialization in Finance. Her outstanding academic performance won her a Silver Medal and later on Institute of Marketing and Management bestowed upon her the Award for Excellence as the top woman entrepreneur.

Corporate Social Responsibility is engrained in Ms. Jindal’s corporate DNA. Having overcome physical challenges this gritty corporate player has undertaken the sole responsibility of taking up the cause of ensuring accessible and barrier free public infrastructure for all including the elderly and the disabled. Her single-minded dedication to the cause has not only given it the right impetus but also highlighted the tribulations of the mobility challenged at various platforms – government, public or corporate. Svayam, an initiative of SJ Charitable Trust, is committed towards making India accessible to all. Yet another dimension of this multifaceted corporate persona is her passion for art. She dons the mantle of not a mere collector but a promoter who has set the stage for a dialogue between master craftsmen and artists, which would result in exclusive pieces of art. Her office space reflects this where artistic expression of leading alongside budding artists in varying forms finds display. Ms. Sminu Jindal is an exceptional and exemplary woman of substance who does not shy away from challenges in all walks of life.