About Hexa Tradex Hexa Tradex Ltd. is a part of the USD $ 18 billion O.P. Jindal Group, one of the country's topmost industry houses and the foremost indigenous steel producers and exporters.
Mr. Prithvi Raj Jindal, Chairman

Mr. Prithvi Raj Jindal is the Chairman (Non-Executive) of Hexa Tradex Ltd. a part of the fourth largest industrial house in India, the OP Jindal Group. A perfectionist to the core Mr. Jindal has guided the organization’s global ambitions for over two and a half decades. His sharp business acumen complemented by a futuristic vision and hands on approach ensures smooth operations at various levels.

Mr. Jindal has a fanatical belief of delivering Value to the Customer through world-class quality processes. This belief has driven Hexa Tradex Ltd.’s pioneering efforts on Quality and also to adopt good corporate practices and strive to be a stakeholder friendly company. A man of simple tastes Mr. Jindal’s humane nature finds expression in various employee friendly practices that have earned his organization an enviable reputation of one of the most preferred employers in the country.