About Hexa Tradex Hexa Tradex Ltd. is a part of the USD $ 18 billion O.P. Jindal Group, one of the country's topmost industry houses and the foremost indigenous steel producers and exporters.
About Us

Hexa Tradex Ltd. draws its lineage from one of the country’s topmost industry houses and the foremost indigenous steel producers and exporters – The O.P. Jindal Group. Drawing benefits from group synergies including access to competitive commercial terms, critical equipment and supplies and technical expertise and knowledge, Hexa Tradex debuts in the investment and service sector industry.

Hexa Tradex will be focusing on trading of chemicals, iron & steel and related products, machinery parts and accessories, minerals, motor vehicle – parts, accessories and components, non ferrous metal & related products, old & discarded, unserviced, obsolete materials, paints, varnishes and adhesives etc and to act as an import and export agent, representative, contractor, selling agent, broker on a whole sale cash and carry basis.

In addition to the above, Hexa Tradex has started identifying various items of interest for its trading businesses which includes thermal and cocking coal, copper, edible oil, zinc ingots etc. The intention is to work with a specific focus and then keep increasing the range of markets, products and customers.

The company aims to meet the high expectations of local and international clients, and to enhance the investment and trade service industry across the globe.

Hexa Tradex Ltd. is spearheaded to achieve its goal of becoming the market leader in investment and general trading operations by expanding its presence to include a number of promising markets in India and abroad.